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Photo link for KLH model 19 system


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Hey, New here but been lurking in the shadows for a while. My wife inherited a one careful owner model 19 and we instantly fell in love with it so I posted some photos on flikr. I tried to upload here but with the 2MB limit and my ineptness with computers I just posted them there. If anyone has a service manual on the 19 or general care information I would appreciate if they could help me out.

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Welcome to the CSP

Nice! The Nineteen was essentially identical to the 11W and the 11 "suitcase stereo" except that the speakers contain two 4" drivers instead of 1, and they are ported. The 19 also has a nicer dust cover. Yours appears to be in great shape, The weak link in all the '60s KLH compact systems was the Garrard turntable. I'll attach a schematic and some sales lit. Happy listening!





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