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Hi Guys

Just picked up some Alliison six speakers

no mean feat in this far corner of the planet

i believe they are originals Serial #F14568,F14569

Plastic fronts on tweeters is broken a bit is putting a cloth speaker mesh over them going to wreck the sound ?

Is there any links to how to even get into 'Le Cube' speakers to check foam ?

look like they were just painted white...need repainting

Thanks for your time

i'm just starting out and would like to do a good job


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Hi and welcome.

Nice speakers. Attached is a photo of a pair I restored.

The grilles are perforated plastic and they are BRITTLE so be careful removing them. They basically snap in place, and you need to grab them on opposite sides--maybe with the help of some small picks or awls that you can insert in the holes. Once the front grilles are off be very careful of the delicate tweeters. They have paper domes that are easily dented (or worse) and thin "tinsel" leads for front-wiring. Easy to break and difficult to impossible to repair.

Covering the plastic with acoutically transparent cloth should be OK sonically. KLH used a similar approach on its Model 708 speaker, but why not make new front grilles from a wood frame or a piece of MDF cut to size? It would probably be more durable. Here's a tutorial:


If the top grilles are broken you can probably adapt a standard round metal grille, such as this: http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=260-424

When you get the top grilles off you'll find that the woofers WILL require refoaming. Also notice that they will be very dusty. Allison put a sticky coating on the woofers and the upward-firing woofs were a perfect landing spot for dust. Just brush off what you can. If the surrounds don't "look" bad, the brushing will definitely destroy them. Regardless of how they look, replace the surrounds.

Good luck




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