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How much power can the Large Advent handle?


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I ran my Advent [Large] speakers from a Heathkit AA-1640 Power Amp that put at least 200 watts [real] RMS into the speakers at 8 ohms.

The Advents were fine, even outstanding. The way the Advents handled the power made me buy a set of AR9's.

But the standard caveats always apply... don't overdrive the speakers. If you hear distortion, back off. The speakers will tell you when they are getting too much power. The problem occurs when you don't listen to them.....

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How did the double advents compare in low bass to the 9;s. I have a jvc 200 watt per channel to the 4 ohm load of double advents and can have 105 db at 25 Hz verified by a test cd and a radio shack vu meter, My wife starts screaming that the house is vibrating all over. I am an organ nut so this is essential to me to get rock solid bass. Just wondering if the 9,s would go to 105 db with adequate power.

I love to get the kids with their loud bass systems in their cars to try this cd,. They try to crank it at 25 hz and most speakers or power amps crap out. One even blew the sub woofers at 25 hz. I love it.

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