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    btw, I didn't see any mention that you got the manuals for the 9's. I scanned (high resolution) the manuals and other stuff I have (AR9 related, and also other AR speakers reviews and info), and put them on my website. You can see them here: https://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch/index.html
  2. I found an old (1984) AR spare parts price list, so I added a PDF of it to my website. You can access it here: https://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch/
  3. One would think that after 38 years of living with and listening to a set of speakers that being surprised would not be on the menu. But, I have to say, Wow, just Wow. This evening I've been listening to some acoustic rock on the AR9's I bought back in March 1979. The solid imaging and the presence of the vocals still causes me to sit up and pay attention. No, let me change that..... Wow, just friggin' Wow.
  4. Due to a couple of requests I've received, I just excerpted the two pages about fusing from the AR9 Owner's Reference Manual and posted those two pages separately from the full manual (6MB vs. 100MB download) https://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch
  5. The AR-8 has tapered off. The AR-3, AR-6, AR-9 and AR-LST lead the pack. But, by far, the ~Fusing AR Speakers~ pamphlet is the clear leader, it is downloaded three or four times as much as the nearest runner-up. People seem to find that one via google from all around the world.
  6. For the security-conscious out there, I added a security certificate to the site. You can also access it at the URL: https://archive.mgm51.com/library/Advent/
  7. For the security-conscious out there, I added a security certificate to the site. You can also access it at the URL: https://archive.mgm51.com/library/AcousticResearch/
  8. Ya know, such a sane viewpoint is not going to have much creedence in the world of audiophile retailing. I have a set of AR-9's, and a friend of mine also has a set of the 'nines. His set sound very different, probably because they sit on a concrete floor, whilst my set sits on a very movable (I call it ~participating in the bass~) hardwood over joist floor. Spikes would be a very minor, very, very mnor participant in the sound field presented by the speakers. Yet spikes are profitable for the retailers, so there you go...... imho, and YMMV and all that.
  9. As I sit here listening to music this evening, I ponder (for reasons that escape me) ... why. Why have I chosen this evening to listen to music instead of watching the chewing-gum-for-the-eyes video that cable television presents to me. What is it about the immersive experience of listening to music the seems to have more of a magnetic effect than watching video? Why do you listen?
  10. Amen. We can all talk about how a speaker sounds, how a speaker recreates a performance in your room.... But in the end, it *is* all about the music. The Music. The Music. I enjoy very much listening to the 78's that I have of old jazz (and even a few Frank Sinatra shellacs). Is the fidelity up to pace with the current recordings? Absolutely not. Is the music up to pace with the current recordings? Yes, and probably a whole lot better, imo.
  11. When you're all set up, sit back and listen. Bask in the quality of the imaging. The 9's have an uncanny ability to present the sound of an instrument as coming from *there*, that point on the soundstage. The imaging of the 9's is amazing. A few years ago, a friend of mine was visiiting and listening to tunes with me. No matter what I told him, he would not believe that I did not have a center speaker in my set-up. Only after he inspected the center area between the 9's (i.e., my TV on its lowboy console) did he believe me. He would have sworn that there was a sound source in the middle of the 9's, but there was none. Only the image that the 9's projected there. As noted in the review, the imaging is, "...very precise and detailed, with and good sense of depth and unusually generous sense of ambience." But you have to be reasonably on-access for that imaging. See the review for details.
  12. True story... Back in 1979 when I wanted to purchase my 9's, I went to County TV and Audio in Stamford, CT. I asked the price for a pair of AR-9's., and he told me, $1400 a pair. (not a bad price, as AR-9's were scarce in the region at the time. He was $200 less than anything else I had heard.) That evening, I called my friend in NJ and told him of my experience that day. He told me, "for that price, pick me up a pair." I told him, "you realize that you will be sending me a check for $1400 tomorrow?" He said, "yes.". So I went back to the store and I asked, " you quoted me $1400 for a pair, how much for four?" The salesman's chin got rug burns. Stuttering... "FOUR AR-9's?!?!?! "Yup, how much" "I gotta check" A few minutes later... "$1100 a pair for two pairs" "OK" "Really?" "OK!!!" Two days later, a van delivered four AR-9's to my house. And a week later, my friend picked up his 9's. The only condition was that all the 9's had to be one one invoice with one customer name. Not a problem for me. Still lovin' the 9's.
  13. Try as you might, it will never happen. My heirs have already placed name tags on the back of the speakers, staking their claim.
  14. Hi Steve... I changed the wording of the description. Thanks.
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