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Allison Four Value


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Newbie seeking advice... Thanks in advance for any help.

I'm looking to sell a pair of Allison Fours that were my dads. They are a little beat up, but overall in rather good shape for how old they are, I think.

Here are a couple photos. Can anyone give me a guestimate as to what I should sell these for? I've got one offer of $125 but that seems like it might be a bit low.





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The offer of $125 is way too low. I'll give you $150 :)

The woofers WILL have to be refoamed. The tweeters are delicate so you should inspect them (but don't touch). If you remove the plastic grilles be VERY careful because they will break. Don't play these until they are refoamed. If you want to just check to make sure everything works, play at a very very low volume.

You can have the woofers professionally refoamed. Figure $100 including 2-way shipping. Then, if everything is working and the various brittle plastic grilles are all intact, they should be worth at least $400.

I sold mine :( a couple of years ago for over 400. Then bought another pair for 200 and sold those for 400. This was after refinishing the cabinets and replacing the woofer foam. Should have kept them.

Of course you also have to consider the hassle of shipping. If you have to ship them, they will have to be double-boxed with plenty of padding. If you don't want them try negotiating with the person who offered 125. If you sell them for 200 to 250 as-is, he'll be getting a bargain and you won't have to be bothered with repairs or shipping. Or place an ad (free) in the for sale section of this forum and specify local pick-up.

btw, there is a very active Allison group on Yahoo: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/allison-speakers/


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