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AR Subwoofer


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I was delighted to find this site, and amazed at the variety of information it provides.

For many years, I've owned an AR Subwoofer and its associated separately-cabineted crossover. At the time that it started to sound bad and I discovered that the speaker surrounds had basically evaporated, I could find NO literature or customer support to help. Since this was just before the time that powered subs were beginning to appear, I thought that I would try to replace the drivers, and did so with a pair of JBL 10-inchers which were capable of considerably greater excursion than the ARs. I knew this was heresy, and probably played havoc with the original design parameters, but it sounded pretty dang good compared to any alternatives I had at the time. Soon after, I gave in to the march of electronic progress, wrapped the whole thing in plastic and stored it in my garage, thinking that someday I would be able to either restore it properly or perhaps sell it to someone who could do so if he desired.

Because there is no model number, I should emphasize that this speaker is a walnut lowboy cabinet with two downfiring 10-inch drivers. The crossover is in a separate walnut box.

Whether I keep it or part with it, I would like to replace the foam damping material at the bottom of the cabinet, because it is degrading in a sticky sort of way. Could someone recommend a replacement foam of similar density which would be more stable??

Inquiries or information are welcome.

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Welcome to the CSP Fred!

Like you, I had a similar situation with my sub (VMPS Original Large) years ago and ended up buying a new woofer AND a new passive radiator before I knew about re-foaming. I'm not familiar with your specific sub (maybe a browse through our Library would help you find the model: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/ ) but I have a question: Are you referring to a passive radiator (a speaker with no wires going to it)? And is it the surrounds that are shot? If so, I recommend M_Sound for new surrounds


You can access his eBay store through this site, and the site gives excellent step-by-step instructions.

If OTOH I am not correctly understanding the question, perhaps you are looking for a foam mat that damps the speaker (now that I re-read your post, that seems more likely). For that, try Parts Express.


Good luck and be sure to come back with any more questions. Photos are often helpful. Resize them to under 100 KB for best results.


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