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Cabinet Repair


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Hi Troppo

There are a couple of ways to go. See my KLH Restoration guide, page 6 here:


That describes epoxy & Mixol or epoxy and wood dust.

Some members, like Roy, like Mohawk epoxy sticks. It's easy to work with and comes in different shades. Available from online woodworking suply houses.

Don't use "Plastic Wood". It will eventually get knocked off the corner.

Good luck


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Hi All;

What's the best way to repair/restore those damaged cabinet corners ? If I use wood putty is there a chance that it might fall out over time ?


Hi there

If you use an epoxy type repair, if I might suggest, screwing a few screws at different angles until the heads are just below the cabinet finish surface level.

This would provide a solid anchor for the epoxy.

Just a thought for today.

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