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Good luck


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snagged a pair of AR 2 ax's at good will 25 cash. one unit had a bit of a buzz in woofer. replaced with same unit from 1968...cost 30 bucks. pots are bad but found a spot where they both work OK.

THESE ARE INCREDIBLE wish i had heard them when they were new!!!!! I am comparing them to Polk audio 7b monitors and Advent legacy II's with an M&K sub on them...imaging and realism is better on the AR's

Please tell me my ears are working right??!!post-106744-0-79402100-1295408158_thumb.

heres a pic after i replaced the cloth

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Welcome to the CSP Art!

Nice find! You may want to take a look at the AR 3a restoration booklet:


much of what is included is relevant to the 2ax. I'd suggest taking the pots apart and cleaning them, and while you're inside the box replace the capacitors. I've restored 2 pair of 2ax's and use one in my vintage set-up in the rec room. Great speakers.


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