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Removing all Posts From One Member

Pete B

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I see that Genek is offering to remove all posts from a

particular user and I want to mention that this is in my

opinion absurd and counter productive.

If I am going to take the time to respond to something

posted here, then have the original comment removed

because that poster is annoyed and leaving the forum my

work to post has been turned into a waste of time.

As a matter of fact one reason I'm not posting here as

much is that many of my old threads have links that no

longer work due to forum upgrades making the time I

spent posting, a waste of time. I'll post most of my

info on my own site where I have control of maintaining it.

Just my opinion - old posts should not be deleted unless

they are way over the top, or break the forum rules.

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The recent attitude of removing all his attachments and wanting all

of his posts removed reminds me of the child on the playgound who

owns the ball and bat who upon losing grabs the ball and bat and

runs home, LOL!

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I've sent a double-check email to Mark to make sure I haven't stepped over any of his boundaries, but I have been deleting posts at the request of their original poster for sometime now, usually because someone thought better of something said. Deciding to fulfill such requests for some reasons but not others would be starting down a road I'm not comfortable traveling.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Pete. Once a post or attachment is made here, it belongs to the site and its membership. Discretionary deletion of individual posts at the reasonable request of a user is one thing, but wholesale deletion because someone has a snit and wants to "punish" the site is uncountensable. Is CSP going to remove Allison and Berkovitz from the site library should Howard request that be done?

I assume the site has access to all of the deleted attachments, and I recommend they be restored. Where does the user agreement accord a member the right to delete them under these circumstances? This forum is an internet publication, and members consent to it publishing their submittals; removing them is discretionary with site administration. Howard should try this stunt with one of his other publishers and see what happens.... ;)

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