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H.H. Scott S14-V speakers

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Found a pair of these at a curbside cleanout in my neighborhood. Will post pix later. They're in good shape, haven't had a chance to pop the grilles yet to check driver condition.

Meantime, does anyone know anything about these? I have not found any info on the web or here so far. Not expecting anything awesome, just planning to hook these up to my bedroom stereo/TV system.

Thanks! ;)

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1968 vintage


Apparently included with the 2501 and 2502 compact system


a little info on the S-15


mixed reviews on AK


this Scott site is looking for info. Maybe send them your photos


The price was right, but they apparently have no resale value. See how they sound. They are probably well made. Real wood veneer? The drivers may be CTS (good drivers, lousy accelerator pedals ;) ).

Let’s see pics!


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Popped the grilles last night, drivers and surrounds intact, a bit mildewy smelling, but otherwise okay. Noticed one woofer has a slight indentation in the surround, and buzzes when playing. Any suggestions as to how to remedy this?

Sorry, no pix yet, will put up this weekend.


BTW, I was impressed with the sound of these, especially mid and high end from the tweeters. Bass is okay. Overall, I'm quite pleased with these and glad I rescued them from the waste stream.

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