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refurbushing rectilinear 11"s

Guest ellwoodjake

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I am sure they need some work at this age.

Maybe not. How do they sound? I refurbished a pair of Mini IIIs that were physically beat but the components were fine. Member Joelongwood would know better (he has a pair of 111s) but if they used similar components to the Minis you could be in luck. My woofers had cloth surrounds--no refoaming. The pots, unlike those in AR speakers, were not corroded and worked fine. The only glitch was the capacitors, which did not have the values marked, but they "seemed" OK. So if you have cloth surrounds, there may be no need to do anything.

Welcome to the CSP forum. You may also want to check out AudioKarma. There has been some Rectilinear discussion there too.


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