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model 18 capacitor capacitor replacement eighteen model twenty also?


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does anyone have information on capacitor replacement on model 18s?

also curious for info on the turntable models like the twenty or the twenty four?

how much does it affect sound quality to replace them? i know its important, because i had a model 20 blow a filter capacitor while playing out of the blue, and it took one of my favorite speakers with it, along with a small part of my soul, i shall never forget that sound.

i dont care how well someone packs something from ebay, it needs to be tested for longer then .0005 seconds at low volume. anyways i rant. any information would be much much appreciated.

i will contribute stuff to this forum too as soon as i get my hands on a scanner.

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Those tuners are over 40 years old, so replacing any electrolytics couldn't hurt.

There were several "Revisions" of the Eighteen. I have schematics for several of them. I also have a schematic for the Models 19 and 11FM. I will be happy to email them to you. Just send me a PM with your email address.


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