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Dynaco Stereo 400 & AR3a


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Dear all,

Anyone knows about Dynaco Stereo 400, Is it suitable with AR3a.

I had a pair of AR3a's and I am looking for the suitable amplifier with them.

If you know about Dynaco Stereo 400 amplifier when driving AR3a, please let me know. I am appreciate your help.

Thank in advance,


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I had a Stereo 400 that I used with AR-3as, and it worked fine. It had plenty of power, and was always effortless. I also used it briefly with a pair of AR-LSTs, however, and the output transitors eventually became overtaxed (fan notwithstanding) and the unit died, "big time." After repair, I didn't trust it, and soon sold it. The AR-3a's fairly low impedance and low sensitivity were really not too much of a problem for the Stereo 400; however, the AR-LST's combination of capacitive-reactance load, low sensitivity, low impedance coupled with the tendancy to be played much louder than 3as was a blueprint for failure for all but the most robust electronic devices. I did use a Crown DC-300B with good success, and then later a MacIntosh Mc2200. Both of these could be made to clip into the LST, also, but they never failed. Those amps also worked extremely well with the AR-3as, too.

One note: when I went to 200 or more watts-per-channel on the AR-3as, I always fused them with the Buss FNM 1-1/4-amp slow-blow fuses. The LST came with FNM 2s, and I blew a many of them. My listening room was quite large, and I began to realize that I was listening at unrealistically high levels sometimes, and this brought me to reduce the gain. The idea was to create the illusion of the musical listening hall, not bring the musicians into the home! Today, these speakers should definitely be fused about 1/4-amp lower, as I am sure they cannot handle the power today that they could when new.

--Tom Tyson

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