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What Rectilinear model is this (also new member).

Njord Noatun

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I am a new member here but have "lurked" here for years, and am very impressed by the level of knowledge residing here.

I am also a Rectilinear enthusiast, and own the III and the Lowboy. I came across a Rectilinear model I have never seen before.unknown.jpg

25" x 14" x 12"

It looks to be drivers similar to the III/Lowboy, but in an Advent-sized cabinet. For those of you who can access this, here's a parallel discussion (login may be required to see attachments).

Any ideas what model this is?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Welcome Njord:

I don't know either. Interesting discussion over on AK and the chart you provided is very useful.

Anybody near Albion NY can grab these for $50 (ebay Item number: 150261204533). Cool. There's also a pair of Mini IIIs on ebay now at $40 (Item number: 290239102888). Another good deal so far.....


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