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Another Newbie Question - AR2ax

Guest Seadoyles

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Guest Seadoyles

Talk about a newbie question! I've had these speakers for 30 years and have never considered whether they are performing as designed. They've always sounded great to me. I've been reading posts about restoring AR speakers and I want to at least start with the basics. We recently remodeled the room where I want to use these speakers and I want their appearance to be their best.

Remove the grilles (what's the safest way to do this?)

Inspect the speakers (how do you access the back? what should I look for regarding damage or wear?)

Test each speaker (again, how?)

Refinish the cabinets (each has some minor scratches and a minor water stain or two)

Clean or replace the grille cloths (both have some stains, no rips)

If this info is already available in the forum I'd appreciate someone pointing it out to me.

Thanks for your help.

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Guest JagHond


this is just what I can call a "guide", even if I'm not good at selfmade jobs - I'd better to tell the whole truth before.

Never also thought all that stuff could be suitable to 2axs, thanks for the hint!



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