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Mystery woofer......help!


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I'm hoping someone can answer a question that's been nagging me for years now. Back in about 1997-98, I brought my AR-5s to an authorized AR repair shop for woofer replacement, as the foam had completely deteriorated and I knew nothing about re-foaming. In any case, they replaced the woofers with what they said were the official AR replacements. I never really inspected them until a few years ago when I got heavily into vintage AR speakers. On examination, I noticed ridges in the cone and I had never seen those on older AR speakers. So I popped them out and found no markings whatsoever that would indicate they were AR seakers. I did,however, see the code and through an internet search was able to verify they were manufactured by Jensen, which I think at one time owned AR.

Wanting the AR5 to be as close to original as possible, I tracked down a vintage pair of 10" woofers and replaced the Jensens, which have just been sitting on a shelf collecting dust. But I've always wondered what the heck these are, so............................................

Today I was browsing completed auctions on the Bay and came across a pair of AR LST II speakers that the seller claimed were all original. Lo and behold, the same Jensen drivers that I have are in them.........same ridges, same code numbers.

I'm hoping to finally solve this mystery.........thanks for any info you can provide.




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Neither the tweeters nor the woofers shown in the photo are original drivers for the AR-5 or the LST II. They are just AB Tech "replacement" drivers of the 90's. Those tweeters were 4 ohm (instead of the original 8 ohm tweeters), had a foam covered metal faceplate, and probably sounded horrible if they had been dropped into those cabinets without any crossover modification. I have no experience with the woofer, but it is doubtful it had the same specs as the original woofers.


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That driver looks very much like the Jensen 10" used in the Advent Legacy:


However, there are two sets of terminals on that speaker, is it dual voice coil?

Several of the suppliers have "upgrade" drivers. If they had a custom driver

built on the Advent Legacy chassis with the correct length and impedance

voice coil, and the correct mass cone, and designed the cone for smooth

response then it might actually be an upgrade since I belive that the Legacy

woofer chassis has more throw. But I doubt that they got all those parameters

right. I'd be curious to know what the Fc is for that woofer in the AR-5 box.

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