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New foam kit for Allison, EPI


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FYI: I just received an email from MSound. I love their kits--very complete. Great service (and no--I don't get a kickback!). Here's what he said:

[Here] is a foam that I've found to work also on the Allisons and EPI, is one for the EV Sentry Monitor 100. It's a "Filled Fillet" foam... that is, it has a smooth inner section towards the cone allowing for a very smooth transition of the waves off the cone; or that's the intention anyway. I've put them on some of my personal speakers and found them to be very nice! They are also a bit larger so work out very well for those models like some of the Allisons and those EPI's that call for a larger 8" surround that just aren't available anymore. Here is a pic comparing them (on left) to a conventional foam (on right) :

FWIW, they are made of a darker kind of a charcoal colored foam, so with a Felt dustcap give a quite striking look, very modern appearance. The EV's usually use a 2-3/4" cap which give a nice dimension. As far as any questions of efficiency, etc. which is the question I most often get. I put these on two of my four Phase Research woofers to compare (the ones shown in the instruction manual, and measured NO loss in sensitivity; IF anything, it's the other way round. Noting that they were an EV Studio Monitor Product... they were definitely a Hi-End Product, very nicely engineered to really do something, not just eye candy.


McPeak Sound Co.


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Check out old post #67519. You can get it by doing an advanced search under "Advent" using the search words "legacy foam".

I've used this same type of surround on Advent legacy's and some Boston Acoustics woofers. It's nothing new. That unique type of foam was used on those original speakers.

Attached is the document I referred to in that original post which was subsequently erased during the transition to the new CSP site.


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