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More Boston brochures


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Here is a copy of the A200 instructions.

I have had mine for 25 years and finally had to refoam the woofers last year. Very nice speakers.

All attachments are .gif extensions.

I keep forgetting to select the correct file type button. The uploader always resets to .txt extension.






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Thanks Bob!

I'm toying with the idea of stacking my two pair of A200's just to hear them. With a 16 month old grandson making regular visits, it's not something I could leave in place (unlike my stacked Advents, which aren't going anyplace).

What photo or email program are you using that's expecting you to decide if a file is a photo or a text document?

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Sorry about that - I agree that the upload functionality is confusing.

Since this forum software is no longer being developed though, I don't think I'll be able to get it fixed. Unless I can make it worthwhile for one of the programmers at my work. ;)

In the meantime, I'll spend some time this weekend looking for attachments with the incorrect extensions and fix them. I've already addressed those in this forum.


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Thanks a lot for all your effort here. This site has been a real boon to my getting back into New England speakers (and away from Old England).

Back in the 70s, it was agonizing choosing between KLH, EPI, and Advent. Now I get to chose with the push of a button (and try enjoy those BA "Johnny-come-lately" speakers)!

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