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Ideas for Updated Cizek Library Section


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Hello all,

I'm readying a major update to The Classic Speaker Pages. I could use help in two areas as I prepare the new Cizek section:

1.) A concise 1-2 paragraph biography on Cizek

2.) Ideas on how (if) I can better organize the various classic Cizek products (e.g. does anyone know the various stages of ownership of Cizek speaker companies and the products produced under each?)

I am going to post a similar message in the other forums and will be pinning this topic in each. I realize we already have some bios in the Library, but I want to take a shot at a new bio that all visitors to the Cizek section will see when they enter.



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Guest carl cizek

Hi Mark, I have taken the time to upload the High Tech Aspirin Brochure that my father developed between 1990-1993 just before his death that embodies a history section on the back page. I hope this will help in your efforts in working on his bio. His best friend and right hand man for many decade Ronald Whaley has also just resently past on in Nov. 2007





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Dear Carl Cizek,

It's a Pleasure for me to have the opportunity to write to you, a son of the Master Roy CIZEK!

I am a Medical Doctor who lives in Fano, a fine town in the centre of Italy, and I like to say that I'm an expert of CIZEK Speakers since I was a boy (14 years old) when my family bought the first FANTASTIC Model One.

In my opinion there are few speakers that are able to reach the perfect sound of the speakers built by your father. If you want you could see my posts on the website (my nickname is paolippe) with my current CIZEK one and many other pictures I added to the site in different times.

In the last 2 years I restored a number of CIZEK Speakers and I distributed them to Parents and friends that now may listen music with the same pleasure that I do.

I contacted also Christa in order to have material (History, photos etc...) to write an article about Roy Cizek for TNT-audio (www.tnt-audio.com) and she answered to me with great enthusiasm, but then I never had news from her.

If you think you could be interested in writing an article about your father and his fantastic story please let me know. I could write a draft that you could correct (my english is quite imperfect).

Waiting for an ansver from you, I send to You all my BEST WISHES

Paolo Lippe

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