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Allison Fives on ebay 100 bux


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Don't know anything about the seller, but I would buy these myself if I didn't have too many speakers already (is it possible to have too many speakers?)

PS Just notced another seller has four Allison tweeters for $45 each. Sounds like a bargain, and I HAVE bought from them (beesoddbits). Good seller. Where were these when I needed them? ;-)

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beesoddbits is the ebay ID, but they sell oddds n ends, as the name suggests. I see they sold some Allison tweets and also some Allison: Four grilles. Probably found one speaker in a yard sale. Right now all they have is a guitar. Good luck looking for the tweet.

I was in a similar position, looking for tweets for my Fours. I eventually found some on ebay, but in the meantime my research had led me to the Audax tweeter.

The 4 ohm Audax TW025A2 is supposed to have been used in the Spica TC50 Loudspeaker. According to Alan Schwab on the Yahoo Allison forum, "the sensitivity of the Audax 4 ohm tweeter is the same as the Allison Tweeter which is about 90 dB at 2.83 volts at 1 meter. The Audax 4 ohm tweeter by its specification sheet above 10KHz will be louder (brighter) directly on-axis than the Allison Tweeter; about the same level as the Allison Tweeter at 30 degrees off-axis and significantly lower in level at 60 degrees off-axis. It has a 1 inch diameter voice coil versus a 1/2 inch diameter voice coil in the Allison Tweeter the rated power handling appears significantly higher than the Allison Tweeter."

Alan wrote: “I have experience with essentially the same model Audax Tweeter that you are looking at with a different face plate on the tweeter. The 1st order/6dB per octave crossover in the Allison Four would be my biggest concern in the substitution. The lack of ferro-fluid damping of the impedance/resonant frequency (about 900 Hz) of the Audax Tweeter in my experience usually requires a much more complex electrical equalization circuit in the crossover and a 2nd order/12 dBper octve crossover slope would be preferable from a power handling/distortion standpoint with the Audax Tweeter.”

It’s from Madisound


I also happen to have a pair, unused, that I would like to sell. email me if interested


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