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Advice please--Allison Four X-over upgrade?


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Hi all

I'm in the process of restoring a single Allison: Four that I bought on ebay. I've removed the drivers and cleaned up the cabinet. Will have to replace the foam surround on the woofer and the hair-thin wires on the tweets.

Here's the question: Now that the box is empty, should I do anything with the xover? When I restore classic AR speakers I clean the pots and replace the caps, but I'm no techie and am not familiar with this xover.

An interesting (I think) side note: The mfg date on these drivers is Sept 1977. I also have a pair of Fours that I bought new (maybe 1980??). They are newer, later SN and different binding posts than the single one I'm working on. But the foam surrounds have not deteriorated. I had planned to buy 3 new surround kits, but I guess "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

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