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Help! Replacement driver for Advent 400 speaker?


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Here's a question you may be able to help with. I just bought an Advent 400 radio and the seller included 2 speakers. BUT both speakers are dead. I put a battery, then an ohmeter on the lugs and got nuttin. So I have to replace the drivers.

I did this once before. I had an empty Advent 400 spkr cabinet and used a Foster (not Fostex) 5.25" full-range they had on closeout at Madisound. Sounded pretty good.

But here's my question: Do you think it is better to replace the dead drivers with Fosters, OR use some KLH drivers I happen to have. These are the very good full-range drivers used in the KLH Model 8 and 21 table radios. They were also used as midranges in the Fives and others. They have the right "lineage" being Kloss speakers. OTOH they are smaller than the Advents, so I would have to make masonite baffles or adapters for them to fit. What is your opinion regarding resale value when I try to sell the radio?

One of the members here (Andy, I think) had enlightening comments on those KLH drivers in another thread:

"A few comments on the great little model 21 speaker; The performance of this 3 inch speaker is nothing short of amazing, having a 3/8" cone excursion which is controlled by the highest ratio of magnet power to cone weight ever embodied in a speaker. It has a flawless upper range and a lower frequency response of about 60 cps (never seen in such a small speaker)."

Also--the KLH radios had no xover at all. The drivers were wired directly to the RCA jacks. The Advents have some sort of xover (a one-way xover???) consisting of a cap, a resistor and a chunk of iron. Use it? Replace it? Bypass it?



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