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Refoam / Refurb Large Advents

Guest laytonlight

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Guest laytonlight

I'm starting the process of refurbishing a set of the large advents. A few questions:

1) A rehash of favorite / best foam surround to use? Please give me you opinions, the more the merrier!

Anyone used the Decware products? http://www.decware.com/

2) I've tried contacting Layne Audio, offering to buy the caps that he sells as an upgrade, offering to prepay through Pay Pal & got no response whatsoever. Sorry, but if the guy wants to sell stuff he needs to do better than that! I even read a post in another forum where the guy sent his speakers to Layne for new surrounds and it's been over a year & still hasn't gotten them back!

Any other source for an upgrade cap? What is the value & type? Same as stock values?

3) Replacement binding posts? Type, source?

4) Any other mods, improvements that don't cost a lot? Should I use some form of sealant in remounting the woofers?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!

Layton Light

Columbia, MO

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I used the surround fromm Parts Express. Easy to do and the woofers work perfectly.

Layne Audio is impossible to get a hold of. I just gave up and moved on.

I have yet to get a 16uf replacement cap but I will get them from Madisound. They did a great job of getting me replacement caps when I re-capped my AR3a crossovers. The AR3a's sound sooooooo much better now.

Binding posts- I never considered that but now I will.

I might do the tweeter replacement after I see what Pete B.'s findings are. (See the thread on "Low Cost Advent Tweeter Replacement").

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Finally got the foam for original Advent 10" woofers with the masonite ring from RSSOUND, they did communicate to let me know it was on backorder. It's very good that the foam is an exact match as far as I can tell. Thanks to Ken Perkins for the tip:


These were first gen masonite woofers and RSSOUND suggested Loctite "Handyman's All-Purpose" Adhesive Sealant, however I could not get a good bond to the masonite, it just would not stick. I might have left too much of the old glue, not sure. I installed the foam with the roll in (iny) as was originally done with these woofers.

I put the woofer magnet up on a work bench, and used a screwdriver and pocket knife to do a better job scraping off the old glue on the back of the masonite. I next tried Aleen's Original Tacky Glue which worked perfectly leaving some time to adjust the foam position and sticking tight. I found that with the foam visually centered, the voice coil centered just fine in this case without removing the dust caps or shimming.

I expected the much more professional sounding Loctite "Handyman's" glue to work better but that was not the case. Aleen's glue is used for crafts and can be found at places like Walmart.

I'll try to get to testing as time permits.

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