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Photos of AR Badges


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I'm looking for someone that has all of the various AR badges used from the AR-1 days to the AR-303 series. I would like to get some photos taken of these badges to use for a collage on the new website.

If anyone also has badges for KLH, Advent, Allison/RDL/RA Labs and Cizek (EPI and Genesis Physics wouldn't hurt either) that would also be helpful.

On a side note, if I re-focus the Library on AR and "spawn of AR", I think the connections to KLH, Advent, Allison, and Cizek are documented in these forums. Do EPI or Genesis Physics have a connection to AR?


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Dear Mark, now that this site is being ‘re-done’ do you think you can include a forum

for vintage Phase Linear owners. Although this may be a vintage speaker site, I see that

“Dynaco” is offered for viewing, but they had made mostly amps and such with maybe 3 or 4 speaker issues. The more ‘classic’ higher powered vintage Phase Linear components have and are making a major ‘come-back’ online and certainly for owners of these systems, regardless of some external beliefs to the negative and unfair opinions of their obvious lasting and performance virtues.

I myself have many units and I strongly feel subscriber ship can and will make a big ‘hit’ on your site here with out any doubt. Hundreds of thousands of units were built and to this day still being used for a major number of applications both at home and in industry worldwide.

I’d like to see this for many reasons, one of which is Phase Linear amps have powered the bigger AR speakers since PL came on the market in the very early '70s and to this day AR and PL are very much ‘marriages’ made in sonic-heaven for obvious reasons. I for one out of thousands can favorably attest to the fact of as many years gone by listeners and ‘testers’ like myself are devotee AR listeners. My AR-3a’s never sounded as good as they did in 1974 until I hooked-up a PL400 amp for one reason being greater driving amp power. I still listen practically every night to my set and many thousands do the same.

Please advise.

Respectfully, Frank Marsi

P.S I know of many, many amps that can probably ‘blow-away’ these amps, but only for minor or minimal reasons, which are basically issues that can be measured about and with almost any amp.


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>Hi Frank,


>I expect to have more flexibility with the new forum software

>than I currently have. The primary forum area will still

>focus on New England speakers, but I'll have another area for

>speakers and electronics otherwise "orphaned" on the

>net that need a home.




Mark, I'm loving it already, thanks!

And while you're at it please listen to some "Porcupine Tree" for the sound that AR speakers can so wonderfully reproduce.

Frank Marsi

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>I'm looking for someone that has all of the various AR badges

It's just too good a line to pass up :-)

"Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"

Bogie fans know it's the most famous line from 1948 version of the movie "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre."


You can hear it on the clip under where

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Guest treblehit

Mark - I can provide a few of these. Do you want them a few at a time, or do you want them all?

AND - I now have a lot of "other stuff" to send you. Too many to upload (except by FTP, or whatever) so need to be able to get it to you via USPS - a disk.

I have no idea where to send it.

My old account lists an email address I no longer use, so you'll have to send me an address via the email associated with this log-in.


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Hi Bret,

That's great, I really need photos of AR/KLH/Advent/Allison/Cizek speaker badges ASAP to fine-tune the new website.

It's very important that the digital photos are taken with a flat background. Solid white is probably best and a variety of angles of each badge. I'll take the various badges I receive and make a nice collage.

I'll be in touch soon re: USPS.

You can send the digital photos to webmaster@classicspeakerpages.net.



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Dear Mark

It takes me a long while but I had found few AR logos and a KLH logo pictures and group them together on white back ground as you suggested. Hope they are what you looking for. High resolution images had been sent to you directly so please check your email for them.

Best Regards,

Minh Luong



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Minh, Roy, and others working on this:

Thanks for the photos! Keep em coming! They are great so far and I'm going to start working with them today.

Bret, my physical address is on the way via email.

On a side note, I think we're *very* close to the forum conversion. It's been a lot more difficult than I thought moving all the forum content.


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