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They're giving away ar-3's in Detroit.

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This was The only picture and the other information given it even cuts off the "3"  pin.  And by the way when looking at it through the wet Facebook marketplace website or app it looks even smaller than this. 

As it turns oh is a fellow works for a moving company.  He says they give him this kinda stuff so often, his bosses can't won't let him keep it and they can't get rid of fast enough.  He also doesn't know what it is he was old.  He told me the listing was up for 3 hours until I saw that was the first person to call and the next 8 hours he said he got 115 phone calls.  

T that night I went to bed with him saying he was going to decide the next day.  7:00 a.m. next morning he texted me and said he wanted to sell them to me.  No I didn't pay $50, obviously.  When I talked to him at noon is when he said he would cut it off.It was up to a $1500 offer to ship, I sold them to me for $700!

I leveled with him a bit regarding their value...okay the number I through out was maybe 2/3ds the value of this set it 3s in general, but who would have even done that?  I know, rationalizing bad behavior...haha! 

With the unobtanium fabric grill.  Both "3" pins.  And cabinets... I've been  doing this for a little while. I probably seen three or four dozen 3 or 3a sets in my short career. These are by far the best looking cabinets I've seen before refurbishment of either 3A or 3 I've ever seen, I and these are early 3's.  The guy said the owner told him they sat for 40 years.

Each speaker reads 2.4 ohms dcr at the terminals.  One mid 2.3, the other 2.8...

Tweeter question?  The DCR of the tweet outside the system is roughly 2.4 on my 3 like tweets  But 20240406_215202.thumb.jpg.6817b6e22bcb555198369bf88ce88fe8.jpgboth tweets measure 1.8 ohms.  Because they're exact it makes me wonder if the DCR is affected because it's a part of the system when measurrd. is there any of validity to that?

So I put a small signal through. Each driver makes sound, I haven't pushed it passed a couple dbs to know if output is low on mids and tweets. I've never seen any that weren't however.   Just a set with no open circuit drivers is a good day.  Consecutive serial numbers, even better! ( I think, look at 2nd from last digit on either? What do you think?). It's close.

Not bragging, just wanted to share the bit of luck with y'all I don't normally get.  ( No idea how I got them?  Or recognized that pic.  Imagine seeing an image held that big?  Could you pick that out?  









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Cost was $700 not $70.
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Nice find, Scottie.

"...both tweets measure 1.8 ohms.  Because they're exact it makes me wonder if the DCR is affected because it's a part of the system when measurrd. is there any of validity to that?"

Your tweeters and mid voice coils measure properly. Uninstalled, the tweeters should be around 1.6 ohms, and the mids around 2.5 ohms. System interaction and oxidized aluminum leads can both affect measurements.


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