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AR 1U Craig's List


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Craig's List in Natick, MA (about 12 west of Boston)

Original 1955 Acoustic Research model 1U in unmolested condition. All original. The U stands for unfinished. Tested and sounds great! The box is not in great condition but if you are familiar with this speaker that is irrelevant as the value is in the drivers. The 755a routinely sells for $2000 and the woofer for $400.
It is hooked up and can be tested before purchase. Removing the drivers can be tricky and I don’t have the time and I don’t want to risk damaging them doing it myself. If you have the time and experience to part this out there is $900 worth of profit for you….
This is an early model with the 7 binding posts, address of 25 Thorndike not 24 and low serial number 1814.
Price is extremely firm! $1500

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