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2AX Tweeter Polarity Identification (on the driver)


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4 hours ago, twinsig said:

Guys, Acquired some OEM tweets & removing the HiVi Q1Rs. 

Problem is, what indicates POS/NEG on the driver itself? The small piece of tape? (that was painted black a million years ago)?


Does it matter?

All AR tweeters + side is on the left as you face the tweeter. The + lead is crossed over the other lead to the right side under the tape and soldered to the center terminal (of front wired models).


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Thank you Mr Roy. I manged to finish the job with some success.

Tweets sound fine but mids pots seem wonky even though I cleaned & polished everything in there. That was 2 yrs ago. Mids sound a bit fuzzy and moreso when fiddling with the pot shafts.

I have 2 new ones for those. 


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