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I have been tempted to sell my LST-2 and had them listed at $1200.  There were no takers at my price although got a $1000 offer.  However these things are just too too nice to give up.  Not my favorite of the speaker sets in my sound room mainly because they need an extra notch on the preamp volume.  I have had and sold some other AR boxes and none of those compare…AR2ax, AR5 and AR10pi.  I’m not even sure in my 13x13 room LST would sound better.


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For whatever it's worth. I refurbish buy and sell ar's primarily.  $1000 offer during the pandemic perhaps. Would be low. But the market has def. Gone back to its natural state, ( much lower prices than 1.5 years ago.  I consider myself fairly good to great at what I do...  I wouldn't expect much more than a grand.  1500 perhaps but my offerings are in the 10/10 category.  ( Not judging yours, as I haven't been inside them.)  Outside and 10/10 set- a grand seems pretty rearonable. 

 I'm the last 6 months- year...a grand would be a relatively good offer in my experience.  Simply based on their appearance, and assuming they're solid driver and xo wise.

I'm not entirely sure exactly it was you were asking, respectively. 

From a realist perspective, not being a Debbie downer...from my experience- your going to spend another grand beyond the grand for a set of LST's, it'll likely take 6-months to a year to find a set in refurbished condition, and how much more out of pocket beyond that depends on the refurbisher's definition of the word. If you know what I mean. 

I'm making the assumption that the lst2's are internally, as they appear to be externally...and your going to need quite a bit more juice to push the 4 ohm goliaths.  

I'm surprised you didn't find the 10pi's to your liking in that that size room.  They are my personal "I could die happy" set.  

I don't know if I helped at all. Just musings, perhaps they are of some use to you.  I have quite a bit of experience with all of the classics.  If I can be of any better assistance. Feel free.


Take care 


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I find the LST-2 to be the second best in my system.  I’m sure it’s personal preference.  My ESS amt-3 rock monitors have not been bested yet.  The LST-2 are not going anywhere though.


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