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Cizek Model 1 2 or 3 with subs vs KA-1 with subs?


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I currently have my Cizek Model 1 on stands and paired with a set of subs in the room and they sound fantastic. 

But I read somewhere that the Model 3 were more appropriate with subs.  And I wonder how the KA-1 pair with subs.  Has anyone had the opportunity to hear these with this  configuration?  And possibly a set of Model 1s, even on their own.  If so which sounded better?  And where were the speakers placed within the room?

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I use my KA-1s as part of a surround-sound setup. The sub is a kit-built VMPS that I later added a plate amp to. I think it sounds great. 

The KA-1s had matching subs, the KA-18s https://www.subito.it/audio-video/sistema-diffusori-vintage-cizek-ka18-milano-507009960.htm

For some reason it seems Cizeks were more popular in Italy than here. I'd love to find a pair of KA-18s (or even one) but doubt that will happen.

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Do you have any photos of the KA-1s?  Did you ever have the KA-1 with your sub within a HiFi 2 channel audio setup?

I've heard about the KA-18, but since they seem so super rare I also don't see any being available locally.  I also see quite a few Cizek in Italy, and  on YouTube, which is nice.  I was happy to find the Model 1 locally.

I'm curious about the KA-1 as I'd wonder if they sound better with subs than a Model 3?

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Photos in this thread 

Also here: 

As I wrote, I like the KA-1s and I think paired with any good sub(s) they would be great in a stereo system. In a smaller room or for listening to chamber music you may not want/need a sub. There's a review of the KA1 linked here: 


I have never heard the Model 3. My only other Cizeks are HTAs that I use as the center and rear channel speakers.

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Question:  I haven't changed any settings on the Q panel on my Model One since I got them.  

What would be an ideal configuration based on the room they are in;

room dimensions:  

in feet:  12 x 20, ceiling 8
metres:  3.6576 x 6.096, ceiling 2.4384

Speakers/stands are:  

in feet: 5 forward of the back wall, 2 away from side walls, 12 from speakers to the seating position
metres: 1.524 forward of the back wall, 0.6096 away from side walls, 3.6576 from speakers to the seating position.

Also, since I'm currently running them with subwoofers, would it require a different configuration?


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