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Tannoy Stratfords

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Hi - I wonder if you might be able to help a novice out! 

I recently recapped a set of AR15s thanks to the good folk here, and I now I wondered if you might be able to help with a pair of Tannoy Speakers I recently picked up. I popped out the crossover and the resistors are not looking in the best of health, one being cracked and has a bit of a chunk knocked out of it. Both speakers still sound great, although the one with the most damaged resistor does seem to have a slightly duller sound. 

Is it fair to say that I should replace both of these? If so, can anybody recommend suitable replacements for these ceramic resistors (in the UK). As I say, I am a bit of a novice (but trying to learn!) so just want to make sure I source the correct replacements. 

Thanks in advance, Richard 




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Hi Richard

To me that looks like some sort of physical damage, not electrical. Nevertheless, I'd say definitely replace them and IMHO you may as well go with a higher rating. Those are 8.2 Ohm, 7 watt wirewound. Brand is Expotus (any brand is OK). As long as you're at it, I'd go with 10-ish watts.

I'm here in the US but some Brit members have mentioned Falcon Acoustics. https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/ls35a-kit-falcon-minimonitor-q7-systems/resistors-ceramic-wire-wound-metal-oxide-loudspeaker-crossover-network.html

Mouser (UK) is another resource. Any of these 8.2 ohm 10w wirewound resistors should work: https://www.mouser.co.uk/c/passive-components/resistors/wirewound-resistors/?power rating=10 W&resistance=8.2 Ohms&termination style=Axial|~Solder Lug

I broadened the search a bit here to include 8 to 8.25 Ohms (close enough IMHO) and 10-12.5w.  https://www.mouser.co.uk/c/passive-components/resistors/wirewound-resistors/?power rating=10 W~~12.5 W&resistance=8 Ohms~~8.25 Ohms&termination style=Axial|~Solder Lug&rp=passive-components%2Fresistors%2Fwirewound-resistors|~Power Rating|~Resistance

They (Falcon) stock Expotus but I don't know if they have 8.2 ohms. Maybe give them a call. In the meantime maybe another Brit will give some advice.


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