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Can anyone help me identify these speakers I found?


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Hi there everyone!

I went to an estate sale yesterday and got a bunch of passive speakers for 20$. They sound amazing, but I am having a really hard time identifying what model or even when these speakers were made. All I have to go on is that they are KLH and the sub has a serial number on the bottom. 

Any help appreciated!






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Hey Fly

Welcome to CSP.

First, if they sound good I'd say your $20 was well spent. But these are not classic KLH speakers and not even "real" KLH. They look to me like the 9500 series. Or possibly 3 pieces from the 6-piece 9900. If you google KLH 9500 you'll find pictures.

KLH was originally an American company based in Cambridge, MA in the late 50s/early 60s. In the mid 60s it was sold to Singer and continued to make good products. In the late 60s (I think) they were sold to Kyocera and produced some good radios. But after that the nake "KLH" was sold (I forget to whom--think it was sold a few times) and they produced a bunch of mass-market products built in Taiwan. That's where your sub/sat setup comes in.

Recently the name was sold again, this time to an American company that's trying to resurrect the glory days. The new speakers are very expensive.

So enjoy the speakers and if you ever come across any KLH (or AR, Dynaco, Avid, etc classic speakers made in the USA we're here to help.


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