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Ar3 restoration complete

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I just finished my ar3 restoration. All new capacitors and midrange drivers rebuilt. I also replaced all the pots with good originals. All components and midrange repair provided by Roy C. 

These speakers sounded vary nice before the restoration however the midrange speakers where not play at the same level the white goo was rock hard on one for sure. Now after Roy's handy work these speakers sound great they have more sparkle and the stage is much more 3 dimensional and voices are smoother and more natural. These speakers are going to be my mains for as long as my ears work. Are there better modern speakers definitely, however how many of them can draw you in and keep you enthralled all day. A3 is a charming speeker no wonder why it was #1. 

If you run across a set of unmolested Ar3s definitely send the mids out to Roy C worth every penny. Anyway thats my 2 cents on Ar3 speakers.


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