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Need recommendation for decent replacement Woofer for a Dynaco A-25


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Seeking to replace one of the 10 inch woofers in a pair of A-25s. I've tried the trouble-shooting recommended to overcome a bad rattle and nothing has worked. The cone looks fine so I think it's a more serious issue in the voice coil. I know an exact replacement is no longer available so at this point I just want a decent sounding woofer replacement to use the pair as remote speakers.  Thanks,


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Your best bet is to just watch out for a used SEAS 25 TV-EW on eBay and go with that. Matching parameters with new drivers will be difficult and require replacing both since the other original woofer will have suffered loss of flux over the years anyways. (So, better to get another that's aged similarly.) You'd also run into fitment issues with newer drivers as the recess goes right up against the sides of the baffle in these.

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