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AR 2a covers


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Hello All,

I want to have the woofers in my old AR2a speakers re-coned and need to remove the covers.

I need to know the secret to getting those covers off.  (AR must have had the very best glue in the world back then.  Or Gorilla glue has been around longer than I thought!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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I am trying to remove the cover, which includes the wooden frame the fabric is stapled to.  

I was able to get one off, but the 2nd is REALLY giving  me fits.  The frame is glued the full 360 degrees around it perimeter, and I have been unable together anything behind it to pry it out.   Gotta be another and/or better way.

Thanks to all,


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The technique I like to use requires a small Allen wrench (~1/16 inch will do) and a pair of vise grip pliers.

The small end of the Allen wrench will easily pass through the weave of the grill cloth without damaging it. I find the openings in the grill frame, insert the Allen wrench through the cloth and move it so it is behind the grill frame, and then pull up with the vise grips. Be sure not to poke the surrounds when inserting the Allen wrench. Use a low, steady amount of force. I generally have to work my way around the frame several times until the adhesive weakens enough so that the frame starts lifting. I then use a ruler or putty knife under the grill frame after the frame lifts enough in one place to fit a rigid, flat implement.

On some speakers, but not many, the Allen wrench is small enough to fit between the inside cabinet edge and the outside edge of the grill frame.

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