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Need some help please (AR90, 91, 92)


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Hi there,

I am the proud owner of 3 pairs of AR (9, 90 & 91)which are quite rare in my country (France). I'm looking for a fourth pair namely AR91 or AR90 (or AR92), the idea beeing home theater configuration (fronts : AR9, centers : AR91, side surrounds : AR90, back surrounds : fourth pair).

My questions to this forum :

1- Does anyone know any contact in France who might help me to find these speakers in my country (I've tried hard without any success so far)

2- I have found a pair of very nice AR3a improved (refoamed & in excellent condition). Knowing that the tweeters, midrange & woofers for the 91 and for the 3a improved are identical, do you think I could use these 3a improved in conjonction with the 9 series and keep the relevant sonic coherence I need for home theater application ?

Many thanks in advance

Jean-Patrick from France

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May be it's too late and you already solve your problems. Just in case, it's possible to buy a pair of AR 90's in good condition in Valencia (Spain), which have been recently reconed.You can address to www.audiofilo@ono.com that corresponds to Mr.Bernardo Fuentes who's the owner of a high end audio shop in that city. The 'starting' price is aprox. $ 560 but It's very likely you may close at $ 500.The problem is the transport cost from Valencia to France...

Good luck.

José Cuevas

Madrid. Spain

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