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  1. Hi Fred (and others !) Just like you, I live in Europe (France) and in 78/79 when I was student near Boston; I spent several weeks of comparative testing in order to buy a hifi system WITH speakers from New England! I ended up with 2 in my short list: AR & AR (the 10 pi and the 90). For budget reason, I bought the 10pis (which are great, I confirm : better than the 3A from what my ears remember..). But I have to admit that a few weeks later I brought them back and traded them for a pair of AR90. The 90s being the small sisters of the AR9s as you know, I can tell you that I was
  2. Hi there ! I'm in France (Paris area) and I am in the process of selling my 3 pairs of AR : one pair of AR9 one pair of AR90 one pair of AR91 Anyone interested ? Thanks for your attention Rgds JP
  3. Hi folks, As every year or so, I'm persisting with this ad. Sorry for that ! I'm looking for a pair or two of AR92, AR925, AR91, AR915 (I could also consider 9s or 90s)in France or neighboring countries. If by any chance, you know someone here in Europe, please contact me at jp.kaniecki@wanadoo.fr. Thanks in advance Happy new year ! Take care Jean-Patrick
  4. Hi All I'm looking for one (or two) pairs of AR9x (AR91, 915, 92, 925). I will also consider AR90 or AR9 I'm from Paris (France) and therefore I am looking for potential deals in France, UK, Benelux, Germany (Italy, Spain) Thanks in advance Take care Jean-Patrick
  5. Thanks for the answer Sorry for my bad English : with "transonic" I meant "acoustically transparent screen" (screen with microperforations). Obviously this was off-topic, sorry for that. But going back to the relative positions of 2 AR9s : what is the minimum distance between 2 of them ? Thanks in advance Jean-Patrick
  6. Hello experts ! Can someone help me in defining for my HT system a good setup for central & left/right speakers ? I have the choice of using 2 AR9s for left/right with one or 2 AR9s or AR90s or AR91s for central channel(s) My questions are : - would 2 central speakers be OK ? - If I use up to 4 AR9s with 8 side woofers, how would that interfere for low frequencies ? what would be the optimal setup in terms of relative distances (from walls, between speakers, etc ..) in other words, what would be the dimensions of my HT room (metric would be appreciated !) - I think I would need to use a tr
  7. Many thanks Nigel I have a pair of AR91 and the description you gave for your wife's 91 is quite similar except that I have only 2 terminals (not 3) If you have a pair of 91 and a pair of 915, would you be willing to sell me one pair ? (fyi I live in France ......) Take care Jean-Patrick
  8. Hi all, Can some one tell me the exact differences (with details, if possible) between the 91 & 92 (that I know quite well) and all possible derivatives such as 915, 91.5, 925, 925e, etc ... (if these are derivatives) ? when I say "derivative" I mean "with same drivers" where can I find specs & pics of these ? Many thanks in advance Jean-Patrick
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a pair of AR9X to buy in France (AR91, 915, 92, 925 or 90 or 9) thanx in advance Merry Xmas to all of you Jean-Patrick
  10. Once again thanks for your assistance Nigel Jean-Patrick
  11. Many thanks Nigel Jean-Patrick
  12. Thank you Nigel for your response. Having had also information from other sources in my country, I'm told here that it is a 10" downward firing driver + a 12" in front. I'm also told that there is specially developped driver for upper midrange + tweeter combining the 2 drivers of the AR9 ? There is also the same lower midrange as in AR9 & 90 ? I'm a little bit confused ... - Can you please describe in detail the drivers : numbers, similarities with the ones of AR9 & 90, placement, types & characteristics ? - Efficiency : 87 dB ??? - Frequency range ? - Impedance : 4 ohms nominal ?
  13. Hi there, Can some one give me information on the AR 9 LS : - where can I get a picture ? - comparison with AR 9 ? - main characteristics ? - same drivers as in AR 9 series ? - price level indication with respect to AR9 and AR90 (not in dollars but just relatively, for example : between AR9 & 90) Thanks in advance Jean-Patrick
  14. I'm using AR9x series loudspeakers with SAE power amps. Currently my AR9 are driven by a pair (passive bi-amping) of SAE 2400L (about same age : 20 + years old). The combination is perfect for me either in HiFi or in Home theater set-up. One (or 2) of these amps might be replaced by other SAE amps that I have just spotted near Paris : 2600, A502, A1001 or P250 Jean-Patrick from France
  15. For your information, for my HT setup I use : - AR9s for front channels, - AR90s for surround channels, - AR91 (one or 2) for center channel(s). I'm still looking for a pair of AR92/AR91/AR90 for back surrounds but very hard to find in my country (France). In my opinion the only matching center channel should be AR91 or AR92 (92 being cheaper than the 91, same series, with same drivers as in AR9s or 90s) or later AR915 or AR925 ?? Jean-Patrick
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