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For Sale - Acoustic Research AR5 Speakers - Beautiful Condition - $750


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For sale are my vintage Acoustic Research AR5 speakers, serial numbers 42961 & 42964, purchased in January 1976 from Stereo Discounters in Baltimore, MD.  The speakers are fully functioning and in excellent plus condition with accompanying manuals and other AR literature. 

Factory rated @ 20-100 watts, the AR5’s really come to life and perform their best when paired with amplifiers in the higher end of this range for sure.  Since downsizing my amps to low low watts only, I must let these speakers go. 

In 2019 the following work was done: The cross overs were thoughtfully updated with the knowledgeable advice from members of The Classic Speaker Pages Discussion Forums. The woofers were restored. The grill cloth was replaced. 

Capacitors – All replaced, BUT. The original Sprague compulytic 24uF mid-range capacitor remains, allowing you to choose the new caps or the vintage Spragues. Presently, the circuit is connected to the newer 12uf (x2 in parallel) Dayton Precision Audio Grade capacitors. The original, untested 4uf & 72uf AR caps will be included with the speakers, but as ?working?/parts only.

Ceramic Mid & Hi Controls – Replaced with correct L-Pad attenuators. An attempt was made to clean and reuse the original AR 15.7-ohm rheostats, but I cautiously went with new. The old pots will be included but again as parts only.

Tweeter & Mid-Range Speakers - Original, no issues.  

Woofers – New foam surrounds, new dust caps and testing were performed by Bill LeGall of Millersound, Lansdale, PA.  Bill is arguably the best in the business for vintage speaker repair in the mid-Atlantic states.

Grill cloth – Beautifully done using Wichelt’s 28 count, genuine 100% Irish linen in the color of Lambswool. This fabric is of the highest quality. The thread count & color is the closest you’ll come to matching the original AR grill cloth. The fabric is rightly fitted and drum tight, with a straight and true weave pattern.

Brass AR5 Badges - Originals

Cabinetry – The walnut veneer is in perfect original, un-refinished condition!  Remarkably after 46 years, the cabinets are very close to pristine. You’d be hard pressed to find a scratch, chip, dent, nick, stain, or blemish anywhere! Throughout the decades the cabinets were properly maintained using Howard’s Restore-A-Finish.

$750 cash, no returns. Because of the weight and fine condition, they’re being sold as local pick up only, SE of Hanover, PA.  Feel free to bring your own amplifier and a familiar CD or two, for a no pressure, pre-sale audition.

If you are serious about owning these but the distance between us is a stretch, I would consider meeting halfway +/-, within a reasonable radius. If there’s a rendezvous, two things must happen: One, a safe meeting place of my choice will be agreed upon, and two, I would like a reasonable PayPal amount to cover my driving expense.

Thanks for looking!


2fullright (2).jpg


4bfullleft (3).jpg












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Good catch from the photo, I may need to edit my post. 

I do have the resistor in the mid range curcuit, closer to the terminals.  I did not add the resistor to the tweeter.  If my memory serves me correctly, you only add the resistor, if the tweeter is being replaced, which it has not.  I do have those resistors.  Although not in my photos, they will be included with the sale of the speakers. 

Thanks, all the best, Steve


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