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Snell Type K Woofer Replacement


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I bought these in 1987(?) at Innovative Audio in Brooklyn.  I didn't understand what a loudspeaker was supposed to sound like until then.  My roommate at the time hated them.  Then after a few months loved them.  I abused them with a BK 200 watt per channel amp for years.  They never disappointed me.

I set them aside in 1994 with the new purchase of Type EIII's from Sound By Singer in Manhattan.  

The K's saw duty here and there.  And then they saw great duty in a second system while I was living in England.  I can tell that I got a woofer repair kit while there maybe in 2005 or 2006, it is a bit fuzzy, but the woofers and chokes are labeled "kit 1" and "kit 2."  

Then, back in the USA, I reformed the woofers.  Usual rot and these needed to be repaired because they were going to college with my son.  

Well he graduated and the woofer surrounds were trash again.  I looked up the woofer replacement cost at Atomic and it was $400 for the pair!  That is with the hand matched inductors.  My son told me that the $390.00 I paid in 1987 is $1,700 in 2022 dollars, I told myself I had to buy the new woofers!

Well, I repainted the speakers and put new fabric on the covers.  And have the new woofers in.  (And cleaned out the old tweeter ferrofluid with new.)  

Need to get them in my system to check them out.  Then off with my son back to their home!











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