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AR 10" woofer (2ax & 5) specs?


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I am curious iabout the ohm rating of AR 2ax woofers, and that of the AR 5 woofer (independent of the system, which I know is 8 ohm in each case) .  Are the relative  woofer ohm ratings the same?  I know the materials, design and engineering of the 2ax and 5 woofers differ, but could a cloth 2ax woofer work in an LST-2 enclosure, which used a 5 woofer? Fairly deep trivia,  but I bet somebody here may know.

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The cloth surround woofer has a outer frame diameter of ~11"; the later woofer is about 10.25".

But, yeah, you could swap if the speaker baffle was modified.

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1) "early" 2ax introduced 64-70.  Used the ar-2 line of 10" alnico magnet as well as cloth surrounds. In my opinion, if you get some output from the tweets ( shared w ar-3 ( and 4 ohm in both, later 2ax is 8).

There's a little more in between fluctuations that could be discussed but for sake of argument generally speaking...

2) 1968...ar-5 introduced.  Not high selling.  It used the new 10" foam surround woofer, never actually using the cloth surround alnico 10-in that was used in the 2ax. 

3) The ar-2ax, switched to the same 10" foam surround ferrite magnet woofer, the same that had been in use in the ar-5 for 2 years then.  I suspect AR was feeling the air if I wasn't going to last much longer although it did up until 76'

The  2ax was far more popular vs the ar-5.  So for whatever reason they also switched the "late" 2ax model and included the ar-5's 10" foam surround woofer eith the flat dust cap. Very hard to miss.  

In 1970, the late 2ax and the ar-5  shared the same cabinet in terms of dimensions 24x13.5x11.5.

the ar5 low end spec of 38 HZ.   Meanwhile the "late" AR 2ax with the same woofer specs at 42hz.

---  How could this be?  same trunk size, same woofer ?   well the crossover of the late 2ax woofer was 1..4 khz...thats really high, but, I'm only a laymen.  I do believe that was the responsibility for the lower frequency response however I think most would agree.

As for your question regarding to LST and its woofer, yes it did use the ar5 also known as the late AR 2ax woofer  but keep in mind the previous response to this question stated that and it's accurate the alnico woofer is about 75"  than the foam surround.  Would anybody really consider replacing a baffle of a very very pricey lst2?!?they're worth a bunch...I don't know I take a lot of risks but I wouldn't take that one.

If you made a new baffle there would be space, but as they say just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

I'd also suspect because the LST2 is based on the ar5 platform which I assume includes the crossover and crossover frequencies, at this point you're just getting so far away. the idea of attempting that seems a bit foolhardy at best maybe a bit dumb at worse but that's not to say I've never done dumb so I.

Also remember the lst2 incorporates a Transformer that if I'm not mistaken based on the AR-10 Pi utilize the woofer almost exclusively that's going to play a big role in deciding to slip swap out woofers.

I think my biggest concern would be power handling generally speaking.  I believe that foam surround woofers were created in order to handle more power,  not specifically the phone making a difference but the overall design of the woofer in general and using the new foam surrounds on the market or maybe it is the phone I can't answer that one.

I don't know that the above statement as sure fact however probably a lot of people would it be somewhat agree I would think at least enough to question against it the power demands of the lst2 would be much higher than an ar5 or 2ax.  That could be, I think surely would be very problematic.


- scottie muñoz

(as always grammar edits coming for days, ha)




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My favorite 10-in classic AR well I'm going to have to be a non originalist here and say that it's an ar5 with an original 10 in Alico magnet woofer.

Now this is using alnico 10-in woofers that RoyC himself rebuilt...so take that with you to Ponder...

My ar5's

-1) straight up not all set, rebuilt fully, with Midwest tweets for now.

- 2) rebuilt fully with alnico woofers and rebuilt tweets ( we know who).

-3) ar-302 drivers, xo...but modified to use oem pots for mid tweet attuatuation.  Which all proof strictly considering the 302 is the 4 ohm speaker and the five is in eight ohm. 

Got to say my favorite is the 5/302 hybrid, sorry long timers.

I brought the baffle out flush w the front of the speaker just like 302 to avoid diffraction issues that the 302 never had,( that by default the ar-5 did( oops) so it's a bit different looking although I was able to work it so that w/grills installed ( days and days of brainstorming to figure out how to do) still made it look like an AR-5 unless you were really up close.

( I did the same with a 3a/303). Love them, hand built full point to point xo's on those two hybrids.  I'm telling you from that day forward I'll never prefer circuit board versus the point-to-point crossover ever the 303 inside of a 3A cabinet with the point-to-point crossover sounds more than a little bit better than a typical 303 and I didn't go Hog Wild.  I reused AR coils from all kinds of crossovers, adjusting the values very unwinding the appropriate amount of cover to match the value I'm looking for....ar did use the best inductors) when I could electrolytics except for on the mid and tweeters in which I used film caps with slight attenuation...( forgive me Mr. Cantor, if I'd only known about your stance on using electrolytics when originally designed for such.... if I only knew...just kidding)

***( since reading Ken's views on the subject and previous threads recently however I think that going forward I'm going to try to start using electrolytics when original and bypass them with these cheaper Pio caps I've been finding out of Russia or just bypass with  film or hell I just take Kens advice because who the hell am I to take umbrage with him?  and just you straight up with your legs all the way it's hard to argue with the fact that the  303 with relatively new electric caps sounded like well the best loudspeakers I've heard maybe ever up to that point and maybe have ever even since that point maybe.  In my mind the very best but at least arguably the best speaker designer Living in America today and sorry no Fanboy here,  simply the truth based on sheer numbers and accomplishments )

Scottie Munoz


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