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1 or 2 AR 58 LS dome Tweeter 200054 561 8334 Needed


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I have a fine almost working pair of AR58 LS speakers, made in USA for UK. I purchased brand new in 1984.  One speaker has an partially working dome tweeter that I need to replace.

I would like to buy one if possible. Part number from back of speaker is 2000-54, 561 8334. 

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If it's a 58s tweet I have 2 sets available.  Both pulled from 58s cabs myself.  Not an ar-90, others, tweeter.

Not looking to get rich.  Def. Will accept less because it's a csp member.  If it turns out to be needed, send me a fair offer price and Ill ship them right out.   Prefer to sell a set as they are both matching sets, but would sell a single in this case.

I've never seen a 58ls...a massive fan of all the American ls sets, I assumed it would have the dual mid tweet driver.  But that's what the 78ls is already, makes no sense.

In that case I've refurbished the dual driver more than a handful of times and could replace the tweet in it if needed.

I'm interested in pics of 58ls as well.  Not many sets of ARs I've never even seen a picture of.  


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Sorry guys, been away for awhile. My question was a bit inaccurate. My speakers were purchased by me in Germany in 1984 and I am the only owner. The speakers are indeed the AR 58LS made for /or in England. I am not sure. But they are a matching set and have AR58 LS outside and inside the speaker cabinet.

 The tweeter in one has weakened over the years. I need one but if I have to purchase 2 I will. Few pictures include.







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