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ID AR3a woofer


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Hi Reza, from the upper photo the woofer on the left shows a masonite frame supporting the foam suspension, a cone with paper of a color close to brown (a possible different color depends on the light and the camera ...) which is compatible with the AR cones, an after market dust cover that covers the cables without showing the length; finally in the photo of the back the woofer is clearly AR, dated "out of production" for AR3a: 76 31 which makes it look like an AR10 / 11 woofer, this could be a replacement, certainly different the coil support which should be in aluminum instead of the Nomex used previously in AR3a.
Probably no distinguishable difference when listening, clearly a slightly higher Fs in the AR10 / 11 woofer compared to the latest woofers for the AR3a.                                         



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