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AR 17 caps


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The caps for all my AR speakers arrived today (Sunday!) or they were put in the mail box after I got the mail on Saturday... Anyway...

I soldered in the 6.2sUf in the four AR 17 I have. I'll listen to them in a couple of days, in one set the "T" nut kinda ripped that MDF up a little so I glued a piece of 1/8" plywood behind the T nut location, tomorrow I will pick up some new T nuts and a longer screw and finish the re-installation of the 8" driver, Also tomorrow I will replace the foam ring on a 20001 driver and install those in my first set of 17s. I found a 20001 and bought it; I will watch the sources and pick up another, once that is done both pairs will have original spec drivers installed.

I have a Sony CD/dvd player that holds 400 disks, I'm loading it and entering the disk ID info by hand, most CD/dvds don't have the ID info on them so it has to be entered manually. I'm also in the process of ripping the disks to a SSD just to make things a LOT easier.

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