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AR TSW-510 speaker specs for rehab


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As a 70-something novice at speaker rehab I need all the help I can get trying to figure out the correct replacement woofers and midranges that closely match OEM specs for my AR TSW-510 system. I purchased these new in 1988 and put them into storage (not climate controlled) 15 years ago. Decided to put them back into service recently but after unboxing I found the woofers disintegrated (foam, cone, etc). The midranges look like they have foam rot. Not interested in trying to re-foam the midranges due to nerve damage in my hands. I read through a 2009 post on this site and just got more confused with all the talk about crossover frequencies and what is T/S? Anyway, I'm concerned if I just drop in new speakers I'm going to lose the great audio reproduction I remember these speakers pumping out. I welcome any and all comments, pointers, etc. 

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Welcome to the forum, OLGEEZER...

Replacing 2 of the 3 drivers in each cabinet will not result in a repaired pair of TSW-510's. You may be able to find replacement parts to fit the cabinet holes, but that would likely be more difficult and costly than finding a repair person for your original woofers and mids...and in the end they still will not sound anything like 510's. You can Google T/S parameters and crossover frequencies (it is not a short topic of discussion), but in your situation it has everything to do with the importance of using the appropriate woofer and mid driver with electrical components (crossovers) in cabinets of the dimensions for which they were designed.

There are individuals in this forum who could do the required re-foam work. I can also be of assistance in that regard if you contact me through the personal message feature of the forum.


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Another welcome to CSP, OLDGEEZER. I have had a pair of TSW-510's in my collection for a two years now. As you can see below one of mine has a replacement 10 in woofer on the right.



The original cones were made of a poly material. I believe the woofer part number is 1210074-08 582TNB which was made by Tonegen for AR.  


The replacement woofer came from AB Tech (no longer around) and has a paper cone.


Where are you located? I am in central Indiana. I would be willing to help you re-foam those woofers and midranges if logistically feasible. 

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