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AR 17 parts needed


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Hi, you should move the thread to "For sale / Wanted", at the moment we don't find the correct 200001-1 woofers for AR17, not even the specific 200014-3 tw's in common with AR18.
If you have patience, frequently checking the site H... S.... these speakers appear every now and then (better if you find them in pairs or matched for uniformity of the paper of the cones and resistance values).

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On 12/2/2021 at 11:45 PM, L.T. said:

Need original woofer and tweeter for AR 17.

email: hwy410@yahoo.com

L.T. read this listing carefully: the seller in addition to the pair of AR17s, also sells separately an ok woofer and a tweeter to be repaired (maybe it is enough just to repair a cable that runs on the cone?)


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