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This M 150, came with my


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Fairfax 400. I went to pickup the 400s. The owner tells me do you want this, grill off no badge. The he adds, I dropped one and the thing in the back fell in. Lastly you can have them for free. 
Me sure, took the damaged one apart. One rear corner is damaged, but the drop got everything apart, the 1970s glue (epoxy) didn’t hold. The woof magnet came completely apart, the I decided to check the tweet which partially came apart. So during the last few days I been restoring (repairing) both drivers.  So we’ll see how it turns out. The caps are already ordered, the veneer is original. After I get the sound dialed in, I’ll get going on the cabinets. 
Next I’ll check the other one, sounds ok but at least the cap is probably way out of spec. The tweet pot sounded a bit scratchy. 











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On 12/21/2021 at 8:42 AM, JKent said:

Wow. That’s a major project. How’d it turn out?

They are moving forward slowly. Here is link. Forgot to take photos. I replaced the caps, but I going to get better ones to do both speakers. Also the refinish including cloth. But too many projects and lack of room is not helping. I’m planning on getting some stuff from the human. 


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