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Snell K/II


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I've recently purchased vintage Snell K/II.

Before this pair I bought vintage J of Snell. This is due to my affection to Snell line - I was stunned with the sound of one refurbished A model long time  ago, and due to having Audio Note J Hemp.

Once you have it you find it little strange to listen to a speaker 30 or 35 years old, you can never know how it played when it was new!!

I checked the existing topics but K's are mentioned only twice!

So I'd like to  refurbish/refresh them so I think of capacitors (vaporised?), rotating knob at the back (cracks while turning) or even change of tweeters (seems high frequency tones out of sound coherence ...) I am ready to accept results 🙂

Crossover: is there a link to the shematics of this specific crossover or a picture so I can know what to expect inside?

Tweeter: what is the model of the tweeter, are there replacements now?

Thank you for the friendly support 


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Sorry I did not see this until now. Seems as if you have a good bit of knowledge of Snell. If I were you and I decided to mess around with a Snell network I would replace every single capacitor you see with identical parts. If it is an electro 12uF at 5% go back with an electro at exactly the same value. If its a poly go back with the exact same cap, exactly the same. Resistors, if they are good I would not touch them. Inductors the same. Do not change the inductors. I would go so far as to try and find the same exact manufacturer of the parts I replaced but that is probably me being a bit paranoid. Snell put these speakers together with great care exactly matching a master set of the same speakers. They even counted in slight woofer and tweeter variations so, very important to re match those parts. As far as the pot goes just clean it with Deoxit brand cleaner/lubricant. I would not change the tweeter, oh no, no, no ! Your highs will almost defiantly clean up with just cleaning the pot.

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Thank you!

I find K so direct, clean, precise and clear due to the construction of a sealed box! And quite to the contrary to J's which are sometimes hard to control 🙂

I'll first clean the pot as it is easiest and will not change the tweeter, thank you!

And then will have to find time to open cabinets, examine crossovers and check parts ...   Once I do that I'll post the crossover design ...


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Hello, music lovers…just received my first pair of Snell K2s, in mint condition…very nice solid 18 inch book shelf speakers…any suggestions on my 3 amplifier / receiver options…..Sansui G5500 / Denon PMA 750 / Luxman R115 ?

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