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  1. Right now using, Infinity RS 325s ....
  2. Waiting on a super clean re-foamed set of A60s due in next week....curious how they will sound after all the great reviews....driving them with my Pioneer SA 8500 Amp....
  3. Hello, music lovers...I'm waiting on a clean set of Boston A60s, due in next week , which I've never heard or owned any Bostons....and will be driving them with my Pioneer SA 8500 Amp....I'm 60 years old & don't always have it cranked up, try to go easy on my ears , I just enjoy quality sound, and these got great reviews.....also have some JBL L46s...
  4. Hello, music lovers...I'm waiting on 2 clean sets of speakers due in next week.....JBL. L46. and Boston A60s...to go witfh my Pioneer SA8500 Amp....Will be interesting to hear the differences....
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