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AR4x Cab wood type(s)?


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Searched with no real luck.

I scored another pair of 4Xs with nice drivers, etc..But the cabs are water damaged, excessive swelling that isn't repairable.

I initially thought of these as a stand-by set/parts for my main 4Xs but they sound so nice I'm just going to rebuild them.

The sides and the top & bottom look like birch (from the inside) the front & back definitely some kind of particle board.

I was thinking about using cabinet grade plywood without any veneers. Maybe. It depends on what my cabinet-guy (nephew) advises.

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7 hours ago, Manhattanman said:

I just scavenged a single AR 4x tonight in the trash

Congratulations on the lucky find! Another piece of history saved from destruction and it also looks like a cabinet in excellent condition.
I also check around the garbage loot, but similar finds never happened ... I will check ahead anyway, the hope is always to find a small treasure thrown by those who do not appreciate certain objects!

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