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AR10pi Tweeters Wanted


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On 7/25/2021 at 9:40 PM, Chilo61 said:

i will be interested.

Hi Chi, it may be possible to repair or rebuild your broken tweeter, insert a nice photo of the tweeter to identify the type.
For example under my 2 different tweeters 200011-1 in the flange sticker.


By repair I mean the possible replacement of the dome complete with coil by another similar AR tweeter, for example in my case the tweeter 200054-0, at 4 ohm, will be the substitute for my non-working tweeter.


the 200054-0 will replace this tweeter which has the coil interrupted.


Then this AR78LS mid / high unit will revert to its efficient speaker again.


The replacement on your AR10TT tweeter that I propose is this.






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Hi Giorgio,

Sorry for the late reply. I don't think I could repair the tweeter as you suggested.  I am wondering if your pair will be suitable I would like to buy them from you. If so will you sell them?  Also, how much would you like for them and send it to the UK?



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Hi Chi, you can post photos of your AR10TTs and close-up photos of the tweeters.
Sometimes there can be a break in the thin cables running on the flange; I'll show you this problem on the tweeter of section. mid / high of the AR78LS.


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