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  1. BTW, can I use 3.9uF/250V to replace the 4.0uF/250V, and either 5.6uF or 6.8uF/250V to replace the 6.0uF as specificied? I found some Clarity caps with them.
  2. Hi lARrybody, Do you mind if you could post the picture how to wire the dayton caps with the wires? Obviously it will be different from the original AR. Thanks.
  3. Hi Giorgio, Sorry for the late reply. I don't think I could repair the tweeter as you suggested. I am wondering if your pair will be suitable I would like to buy them from you. If so will you sell them? Also, how much would you like for them and send it to the UK? Best. Chi
  4. Are you willing to sell them? If so, how much would you like? I amfrom the UK. Thanks. Chi
  5. If anyone has one or a pair for sale i will be interested. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, I am new here but have been a AR2ax user on the other side of the pond(UK) for a while now. I currently try to replace the pots with them. I found this on ebay and I wonder if they can be used? "Single Turn Resistor 25W 30 Ohm Adjustable Taper Ceramic Disk Rheostat E5U6" They are cheap Chinese made but it is a simple job so it can't go too badly with the construction, right? What I concern is the spec if they work at all! Thanks for your advise in advance. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174850446088?epid=1390877908&hash=item28b5e61308:g:HxgAAOSw805g97mS
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